single-channel video, collaboration with Caspar Stracke, 2.58 min

Kuleshov Sukiyaki is inspired by, and maintains as its soundtrack, Terre Thaemlitz’s “Systoles” compositions.

In his album “INTERSTICES”, Terre Thaemlitz describes: “…systole in prosody means the shortening of a naturally long syllable, systolic composition procedurally refers to the shortening of sound sources by removing primary passages in order to create new compositions.

In “Systoles”, the passages most commonly deleted are vocals, in order to hear the interstitial sounds at their periphery. Often times the remnants of a singer’s inhalation and exhalation can be heard in the remaining passages, suggesting emotional, physical and/or sexual exasperation, and occasionally resulting in the whispering of new words…”


2-channel interactive installation, 3.27 min doc. excerpt

“Here life works different…” is an interactive video installation that responds to the presence of the participants in the space. Through the “navigation” of an architectural space, monitored by a video tracking system, the participant composes his/her own experience of images, sounds and texts that are activated according to his/her coordinates and movement in the space.


4-channel video installation, 6.30 min. video loop

Spiral Memory is a four channel video installation in which the spectators are immersed in the audiovisual experience of a circular narrative structure. Video travels to transform from one screen to the next. Spiral memory is edited to give the impression of a loop that in reality never happens. Images and sound shift to give a spatial representation of a state of mind, of the spiral of eternal return.

10th National Biennial of Photography in Mexico, INBA (National Institute of Fine Arts, Mexico) collection, Museo Carrillo Gil collection

Spiral Memory diagram

mmx, Berlin 2010


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